Blue Spirulina & Mojo Kombucha Drinks

Blue Spirulina & Mojo Kombucha Drinks

E3Live Australia Blue Spirulina & Mojo Kombucha Drinks at Woolworths

E3Live Australia supplies the Certified Organic Blue Spirulina for 2 x MOJO Kombucha drinks now available at Woolworths.

Mojo Superbooch Green Gut Guru 450ml is a blend of apple juice, spinach & Certified Organic Blue Spirulina, boosted with 2-in-1 gut health support. This super sip is all the gutsy goodness of our authentic, low sugar probiotic kombucha, boosted with bespoke benefits to create an extraordinary brew, just for you.

Mojo Gut Shot Glorious Greens 55ml, is a handy probiotic kickstart in a mini low sugar sip! Add to smoothies, blend with fresh juice or shoot straight up for big kombucha goodness in a small package. GLORIOUS GREENS meet sweet and tangy apple with Certified Organic Blue Spirulina...feed your inner jungle!

Enjoy E3Live Australia’s Certified Organic Blue Spirulina with your Kombucha hit!

MOJO Superbooch - Green Gut Guru

MOJO Gut Shot - Glorious Greens

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