Our E3Live® journey

My personal journey with E3Live® started in 1997 when my youngest son, Benjamin, was diagnosed, in Australia, with ADHD. I remember distinctly, the painful truth of the diagnosis and the uncertainty that brings. The reality hit me when Benjamin was prescribed a pharmaceutical solution. The professional prognosis for him (at age 6) was "without medication the opportunity for him to have a "normal" life would not be a possibility!". Unwilling to give the youngest of my 3 sons a toxic pharmaceutical, my journey to find an alternative or natural options began, much to the astonishment of our doctor.

Through a network of friends, I found E3Live® in Klamath Lake, OR USA. A beautifully pristine area in the north-west of the United States. I flew to Klamath Lake and stayed with Michael Saiber & Tamera Campbell, the owners of E3Live®, for about one week. After spending time learning and understanding E3Live’s® culture, process and products, I decided to bring E3Live® to Australia.

Upon my return to Australia, I commenced providing Benjamin E3Live® (Fresh-Frozen - AFA). Astonishingly within 2 weeks, the calls from school to pick him up because of his uncontrollable behaviour stopped!!! To cut a very long and personal journey short he is now an integral part of running our E3Live® business. Benjamin is the most polite and gentle young man you could ever meet. I am very proud of him.

Recently I was asked, "does E3Live® really work or is it hype?". In my personal opinion, whether you consume E3Live® or another quality brand of superfood, it doesn't matter. We are all individuals and will respond differently to different products and food, however, if you believe that "Food is Medicine" and E3Live® is regarded as the premium brand since 1991, the answer is simple.

E3Live® now exports to more than 90 country's and have more than 1 million daily users. We at E3Live Australia are proud to be a part of this amazing global company and brand.

Kerry Burke (BBus)
General Manager - E3Live Australia
9 Williamsons Road Doncaster Victoria 3108 Australia

Harvested from the pristine waters of Klamath Lake

E3Live's signature superfood is harvested from the pristine waters of Klamath Lake. Find out about this special lake—born in the Pacific Ring of Fire—and the three natural phenomena that help make it rich in the nutrient-dense aquabotanical, Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA). Learn about this source of antioxidants, beta carotene, vitamin B12, omega 3, omega 6, lutein, chlorophyll, lycopene and more.

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