My Personal Journey with E3Live®

My personal journey with E3Live® began in 1997, a journey intertwined with the health challenges faced by my family. It started when my youngest son, Benjamin, was diagnosed with ADHD in Australia. The painful truth of the diagnosis and the uncertainty it brought were overwhelming. Faced with a prognosis that suggested a "normal" life for Benjamin would be impossible without medication, I was determined to find a natural alternative, much to the astonishment of our doctor.

Through a network of friends, I discovered E3Live® in the pristine area of Klamath Lake, OR, USA. After spending a week with Michael Saiber & Tamera Campbell, the owners of E3Live®, learning about their culture, process, and products, I decided to bring E3Live® to Australia. Astonishingly, within two weeks of providing Benjamin with E3Live® (Fresh-Frozen - AFA), the calls from school about his uncontrollable behavior stopped. Today, he is an integral part of running our E3Live® business, a polite and gentle young man of whom I am very proud. Recently, Benjamin achieved a significant milestone by obtaining his pilot's license in Houston, Texas. This is something we were told would never be possible.

The healing power of E3Live® was further demonstrated in my family's life when my eldest son, Chris, faced a terminal cancer diagnosis. In his courageous battle against cancer, we turned to E3Live® as a cornerstone of his nutritional support. The journey was challenging, but it reinforced our belief in the power of natural superfoods and the body's ability to heal when supported by the right nutrients. As of February 2024, Chris has been cancer-free for four months and has just returned to work.

To learn more about our journey, please feel free to watch our podcast, which is linked on this page.

In response to those who ask if E3Live® really works or if it's just hype, I believe that while we are all individuals who may respond differently to various products and foods, the concept of "Food as Medicine" is undeniable. As the premium brand since 1995, E3Live® has proven its efficacy time and again.

E3Live® now exports to more than 90 countries and has more than 1 million daily users. We at E3Live Australia are proud to be a part of this amazing global company and brand.

Kerry Burke (BBus)
General Manager - E3Live Australia




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